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Carol Ann S. Schwartz RN CLNC

Where Nursing Expertise Meets Medical Litigation With Confidence And Ease

Years of Experience in

  • Screen cases for merit
  • Analyze medical records, policies, and procedures
  • Develop reports/chronologies of medical events

Individual Attention & Research

Research authoritative medical and nursing literature and standards of care. Identify and locate medical experts

Preparation Assistance

Assist with the discovery by preparing interrogatories and request for production. Attend & report on independent medical exams

My 30 years of nursing experience in multiple healthcare settings, with multiple electronic healthcare record formats makes me well qualified in terminology, disease processes, and healthcare delivery systems

­I am a member of the National Alliance of Certified Legal Nurse Consultants

This Certified Legal Nurse Consultant (CM) has a vast knowledge of the inner workings of a hospital, home care & hospice settings. This is used to screen cases for merit, analyze electronic medical records for gaps, tampering, and relevance. Create report chronologies with the relative research applicable to standards of medical and nursing care.

Using CLNC services help save time and money for your law practice and helps educate the team, judge & jury.

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Carol Ann Schwartz

Tel: (410) 459­-7935

Monday-Friday 8a-8p
Saturday 10a-4p ET

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Visitors to this webpage are encouraged to contact me directly by telephone, e-mail or through my website for more details about the full range of services provided.